Say Caw!

I have a new obsession: crows. Currently it involves taking pictures of crows—or trying to, at least. Crows are sneaky bastards who like strut their stuff right up until you get them in focus and then—poof! They fly away. Oh, they’ll let you snap some pix from half a mile away, but get too close and they’re gone with the wind. The above still represent my best effort to date. Sigh.

And they know what I’m up to, I’m sure of it. Since I began this venture they’ve been following me, usually when I don’t have the camera. Sure, I’ve got my mobile, but by the time it’s out of my pocket and the camera app is open and the crow is in the frame and focused . . . well, actually I’ve never gotten that far. I can hear them laughing at me even now.

Caw! Caw! (That’s crow for “Ha! Ha! You stupid flightless monkey!”)

But I’ll get them. Eventually, they’ll slip up and I’ll capture their likeness and put it on my wall. Until then I’ll periodically post my best efforts for your amusement.* Please don’t judge my photographic talents solely based on a few sneaky birds.

*If you’d like to support my obsession feel free to pre-order a copy of Portlandtown. All proceeds go toward the purchase of a telephoto lens.