It's Always Hoodie Weather in Portland

Summer has come early to Portland this year. I know this because it’s already hoodie weather in my office. (Hang on, this will make sense.) When the temperature outside starts to rise the heat inside goes off, thus the house gets colder. This is especially true in my office particularly in the morning. By late afternoon it might be tolerable, but before lunch I need the layers. Don’t believe me? Come by in July when the AC kicks in. Bring a parka.

But I like it. As much as I don’t like the fluctuating wardrobe I love the sun or more precisely the light. The long days just seem to make me more productive. Portland really is the best of both worlds as the daylight hangs around until almost ten and most years we don’t experience much sweltering. A week or two worth of 90s, tops. There was that weird year where it was 100 degrees for a week, but that’s not the norm. And it’s not humid. It rains, yes, but not when it’s hot. Suck on that Atlanta.

The upshot is that I write more . . . or I could. I could also spend more time in the garden, behind the grill, or at the dog park. Not a complaint, just an explanation for my sporadic blog posts. Now excuse me while I find a pair of mittens.