Portlandtown Simplified

I couldn’t resist. For those of you familiar with the works of graphic designer Saul Bass (particularly his movie posters, duh), this lovely piece of promotion will seem familiar...at least stylistically. The idea here is to condense the story down to its essence, or this case primarily just the villain. Dead guy, gun, noose. And the color orange. Color me happy. I did a couple variations which I’ll post on the Facebook just for kicks.

50 Shades of Grey Matter

Wrote a new piece for the fine folks at Criminal Element. Don't worry. Despite the title, it has nothing to do with necrophilia or undead S&M. Just a bit of silliness about the relative legal standing of zombies and their ilk. Enjoy!

50 Shades of Grey Matter by Rob DeBorde

Do Zombies Need Jobs?

I got a job today. Don’t worry, it’s only temporary. It seems my current freelance gig, the last one I’ll ever have before my life as Mr. Bigshot Writer takes off (fingers crossed), had to go corporate for tax reasons (theirs, not mine). So I agreed to be an employee for the first time in . . . well, a long time. I’ve been a freelance writer/designer/animator for so long I couldn’t even remember the last time I actually had a “real” job. Turns out it was 1997. Everything since then has been contract work, freelance, and spec (as in, I write and pray somebody pays me for it . . . eventually).

It’s not the perfect system—freelance, I mean. There are quarterly taxes and no 401k. You can get health insurance, but since you-know-who is the boss, guess who foots the bill? Worst of all the break room is sadly devoid of office gossip (the pug likes to hoard her secrets). But I also never have to get notarized to prove to myself that I was born in the United States, so there’s that.

The job should be done in September, just in time to start seriously flogging Portlandtown. Until then I will try to be the model employee. Wish me luck, my zombies.