Powell's Event

Hey, just wanted to drop a thank you to all who showed up Monday night to hear me read from Portlandtown at Powell's. Somehow it stopped raining just long enough for me to slip in and out without soaking the oversize poster I brought along for show and tell.

If you missed the event, but really want a signed book they should have a few at Powell's (I signed a stack of extras). Plus I'll have a few more appearances in the coming weeks/months, so check the Appearances page for more info.

Thanks again.

Well, My Birthday is Coming Up

Your eyes do not deceive you. That's a group of zombies done up old-fashioned Army Men style. How awesome is that? These beauties are officially licensed Walking Dead merchandise, not that you can tell. Still awesome. Ten walkers per bag. I'll take a dozen.

The Walking Dead Zombie Army Men from Gentle Giant, LTD.

Monday 7:30 PM Powell's on Hawthorne

If you're not too busy preparing for the zombie apocalypse, I'd love to have you stop by, give a listen. I won't bite. Promise.

Zombie Talk

Hey, look it's me! This would be an interview I did with the lovely Inessa at KINK FM here in Portland. Expect 15 minutes of talk on such subjects as "zombies" and "Portland" and "why do you like zombies and Portland?" Actually, it's a pretty good interview. I don't sound like an idiot at all. Enjoy!

Monster Roll

This is a ton of fun. Giant sea monsters battle angry sushi chefs. How can you go wrong with that? For more info on the project (this is just the proof of concept) go here.

Not So Dead After All

Has to be said: two episodes into season three The Walking Dead is as good as it's ever been and just might be the best show on television*. Hard to believe I just wrote that. After last season's agonizingly slow start and, at best, watchable finish, I figured the best we could hope for was more of the watchable episodes. Instead we get gritty, gutsy, gutty, gruesome, and, above all else, smart television. Amazing. Even more amazing? Carl is no longer annoying and I almost feel sorry for Lori. (I said "almost". I was still rooting for Herschel to give her the kiss of death.) Call it a Ricktatorship if you must, but definitely count me in. Congrats to all involved.

Oh, yeah...don't screw it up.

*Note I said "on" as in "on right now." Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Justified are not currently on. And the "might" refers to Sons of Anarchy, which has been better longer. If Walking Dead holds strong all season, we'll see. What about Homeland? Meh.

Creepy Skeleton Spiders

Hominid from Brian Andrews on Vimeo.

Yes, now you can just as disturbed as I was watching this clip. You're welcome.

Zombie Hearts Comics

Yeah, this is a commercial, but it's my kind of commercial--probably yours, too. Things From Another World is a local Portland comic book chain (and apparently SoCal, as well). I've done my fair share of shopping there over the years and can attest to their zombie friendly policies. More or less.

Portlandtown...in the Wild

Today my first novel hit stores. You probably know this. If you bought a copy, thanks! You are awesome. If you're thinking about buying a copy, you are awesome, too. Just want to make that clear.

I went shopping myself this afternoon, just to see the real thing on a shelf...in the wild, as it were. Wyldes in the wild. Har har. I found a few, first at the Beaverton Powell's (I'll try the big boy downtown later), and then at a Barnes & Noble outlet near Washington Square. 4 copies. In General Fiction. Stephen King was there, too, so I guess it's okay.

Funny thing, though...the B&N was closing. Half empty. Nothing but bargain bins, Nook salesmen, and stacks and stacks of 50 Shades of Grey. Oh, and 4 copies of Portlandtown. Huh. A dying store. Zombie Barnes & Noble. Go figure.

As I was leaving I slid a couple copies of my book onto the table next to the Nook guys. They seemed chipper, eager. Somehow I didn't punch them.

BTW, Portlandtown is available everywhere, including as an ebook.

Alternative Worlds Portlandtown Review

This is me not paying attention to Portlandtown reviews, good or bad. Speaking of good reviews...here's a nice one from the delightful Harriet Klausner over at Alternative Worlds. Exhilarating, face-paced, and action-packed? Holy crap I wrote an 80's action movie. Totally awesome!

Alternative Worlds Portlandtown review

My Bookish Ways Interview

Portlandtown is in stores tomorrow. Finally. Hey, it's only been...several years since I finished it. Welcome to publishing! While you're waiting for your copy, here's a friendly interview I did with My Bookish Ways to keep you occupied. BONUS! Free beer-steamed mussel recipes included.

Portlandtown Teaser

Here's a little something I've been working on. If you dig the music, I highly recommend checking out the works of Gustavo Santaolalla. Well worth your time. Enjoy.

Zombie 911

Oh, man...this tickles me. The most...heartwarming...no...pulse-pounding...no...life affirming...zombie story you'll see all year. Heh. Heh-heh.

Zombie Apocalypse Run

So this is happening...three days before Portlandtown is unleashed on the public. Good timing. Nothing like a good run for your life to get the blood pumping. For those who don't live in the Portland, Oregon metro area I suggesting dressing up like a zombie and chasing the kids around the yard. Or the neighbors. Whoever is available. For more info, go here. (NOTE: the above video isn't exactly chock full of zombies, but it does have a nice vibe. Plus in this race the zombies run, too. They don't just jump out of the bushes.)

Portlandtown Update

Portlandtown hits stores in less than two weeks (October 16). Hard to believe. I just added another event to the schedule: December 18 at the Lake Oswego (OR) Library. I'll be speaking as part of their Third Tuesday Author series. Should be fun. They said I could bring books to sign and/or sell. Get your Xmas shopping done early--buy books for everybody!

Powell's Signing

Hey Kids! Guess who'll be signing books at Powell's Books on Monday, October 29th @ 7:30pm? Yup, yours truly. I guess I'm moving up in the world. Maybe I'll try a little light a little reading while I'm there. (Out loud, I mean.)

Do note that's the Powell's at 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd., just down the street from Apizza Scholls (yum), not the monster downtown. Maybe next time.

Hope to see you all there!