Get Out Your Mask

We’re coming up on June which means we’re closer to next Halloween than last. Too early to start thinking about costumes? Think again! Zombie? Cowboy? Zombie cowboy?* I’ve always wanted to cut two holes in a white sheet and rock an old school ghost. Cheap and a good way to keep folks guessing as to your identity. I’ve also tried on several occasions to talk the wife into getting matching Mexican style Day of the Dead face-paint. She never goes for it. Sexy skull! What’s not to like?

Speaking of things that are better off dead, do we really have to suffer six months of election coverage? What did we do to deserve 24/7 coverage of such nonsense? Was it Global Warming? It was, wasn’t it? Leave the fridge open a few times...

We all know who we’re going to vote for, right? Those claiming to be undecided are just looking for attention (or maybe a casting call). Romney’s veep nom certainly isn’t going to be running for office, but rather applying for a job at Fox News. Can’t say I’d want either job.

Which is why I write. On the page I can juxtapose Halloween costumes and politics and almost make it look like I did it on purpose. Almost.

*Boys and girls that’s called product-placement, as in, yes, I did write a supernatural western adventure with undead outlaws and such. My publisher loves me.