Portlandtown...is Here!

Well, it's at my house anyway. I got a copy in the mail yesterday. Thanks Mr. Publisher! For the rest of you the book drops on October 16. That's our pug, Chloe, by the way. For more pictures of her (and other pugs), go here. (Note the look of excitement on our local critic's face. Thrilled! Or sleepy.)

Herald of Doom

What's that Mr. Crow? Zombies are coming? Why yes they are...pretty soon. Like, in three weeks. Less than three weeks! October 16, to be exact. That's Portlandtown: A Tale of the Oregon Wyldes. Zombie fun for the whole family.

The Quillery Guest Blog

Hey Kids! If you pop on over to The Qullery this morning (or whatever time it happens to be when you catch this) you will find a delightful little post penned by yours truly entitled ZOMBIE 3.0. Yup. Another bit of writing about zombies. Is there anything else in life? (Brains.)

Jokes aside, it's a fun piece about zombie evolution and just a wee bit of plug for PORTLANDTOWN (October 16 at a store near you!). Thanks to Sally at The Quillery for the chance to share. Enjoy!


Library Journal Portlandtown Review

Hey, look! Somebody else likes my book. I know I shouldn’t read these things, but . . . it’s just so hard to look away. The fine folks at Library Journal were kind enough to give Portlandtown a “starred” review, which is apparently something special. I’m honored. Here’s the part where they say I’m too cool for school:
DeBorde’s extraordinary first novel, a dark fantasy set in the Old West, tells a compelling tale of the battle between evil personified and a remarkable family with special abilities. Fans of Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series will enjoy discovering this accomplished writer.
Yes, they did just compare my book to The Dark Tower. Ha! It’s not just the publisher anymore. Here’s the whole thing if you’re curious.