Skeletons on the Bookshelf

There’s a skeleton in my office. Full-size. He’s not real—those are way too expensive since they don’t make ’em anymore. Make? That’s not right. How about harvest? Hmmm . . . not sure what the proper terminology is here, but unless you happen to be a serial killer with a bone fetish it’s unlikely there’s a real skeleton in your closet. Or your office.

But I’ve got a fake one. I also have a box of faux skulls and assorted bones in the garage which only come out at Halloween. I’ve been decorating with a hybrid Day of the Dead/gothic dungeon theme for a few seasons. Last year we added a half dozen vintage horror movie posters. Fun stuff and I keep adding to the collection which thrills the wife to no end. She likes the bones, or so she tells me. Could be she likes that I do all the decorating.

My point—and I do have one—is that I like creepy things. Scary things. Bony things. Oddly enough I’m not a big fan of modern horror movies save for the odd zombie flick (Shaun rocks), but I do appreciate that elements of horror have wormed their way into just about every genre we’ve got, be it on the big screen, the little screen, or the printed (or pixilated) page. Which brings me to Portlandtown.

Portlandtown: A Tale of the Oregon Wyldes is my entry into the world of horror by way of the supernatural western adventure (that’s a genre, right?). I didn’t set out to write a horror book, but by the end things got pretty scary. And I like that. It’s fun. Plus there are zombies. In the rain. If that sounds like a good time to you I think you’ll enjoy the tale I have to tell.

More to come.

Portlandtown Pre-Order

A little slow on the reveal, but you can apparently now pre-order my novel Portlandtown online. Where? Why, anywhere of course. If you like, you can start here and pick your favorite online retailer (if you want to support the little guys try Indie Bound, which is a resource for finding independent booksellers). The price seems a bit jumpy, but you should be able to score it for around ten bucks. And yes there are digital editions available if you prefer pixels to paper.

The novel comes out October 16, 2012 so you'll have to wait a while for delivery. But isn't it nice to know you'll be getting a quality zombie product just as soon as it's available? Why yes...yes it is.

Portlandtown Cover

Welcome to Portlandtown. Yes, it's the actual cover to my novel, due October 16 from St. Martin's Griffin. I told you it was real.

I like it. A lot. And the process from concept to creation was painless. They took my suggestions, made some changes, and the end result is something everyone's happy with. Shocking. It is a bit on the nose, but then there are zombies in the book, including one fellow who caries a gun, but isn't exactly what you think he is (suspense!).

And kudos to artist Torstein Nordstrand on the awesome cover. If you'd like to see some of his other pieces check out his online portfolio here.

Portlandtown Tease

Hey boys and girls, guess what time it is? That's right! It's Portlandtown teaser time...text only version! Hey, where are you going? Sorry, but it's a book so there aren't any movie pictures, not yet anyway. There will be some very pretty pictures shortly (cover) and maybe a few of them will move as we get closer to publication (October 16). Today I simply offer the official back cover pitch, which barely scratches the surface in terms of story but does make for a nice tease.

Welcome to Portlandtown, where no secret is safe—
not even those buried beneath six feet of Oregon mud.

Joseph Wylde isn’t afraid of the past, but he knows some truths are
better left unspoken. When his father-in-law’s grave digging awakens more
than just ghosts, he invites the former marshal into his home hoping a booming
metropolis and two curious grand twins will be enough to keep the old man
out of trouble. Unfortunately, the marshal’s past soon follows, unleashing a
terrible storm on a city already knee deep in floodwaters. As the dead
mysteriously begin to rise it’s up to Joseph and his family to find the truth
before an unspeakable evil can spread across the West and beyond.

Ooooo...sounds scary. And it is! But it's also full of adventure, suspense, and vitaminseverything a growing mind needs to keep it entertained. 

Say It With Me: Han Shoots...

Good morning ghouls and ghosts! I know, I know...I'm about as reliable as a three-year-old rubber band but here I am once again attempting to entertain you. Believe me, once we get closer to publication I'll start posting with more regularity. I might even have something insightful to say, or at least it'll seem that way. Nothing makes a body seem more like a somebody than a tiny dash of "Hey, I know that guy!"

Don't worry. I'm not suddenly going to go all celebrity on you. Fame and fortune be damned! I have to stay true to my peeps, yo. Thus I humbly present the above zombie construction courtesy of Dan Hipp, aka MISTERHIPP, which combines two of my favorite things: Sean of the Dead and Han shooting first.

Portlandtown Update

Okay, kids, it's time for an update on the book. For those not in the know that would be my book, Portlandtown, a novel of suspense, adventure, and zombies in the rain. It comes out on October 16 from the fine folks at St. Martin's Griffin (Go Fightin' Griffins!). The final edits are done (fingers crossed) and the first bound copies are on my desk (advance reader copies, but still cool). The cover is finished and as soon as the publisher says I can share I will. It's good. You'll like it.

I also heard from SMG that they plan to do some very nice bits of marketing and promotion for the book. Warms my little heart. I've had a few projects go south in the past, but the Portlandtown process has been delightful. The publisher has not only listened to my suggestions, they've actually taken them. I know. Boggles the mind (in a good way). 

We've actually got a lot of fun (and undead) things planned, some of which I will start previewing here shortly. Hate to be a tease, but...actually, no I don't. I'm a writer. That's what we do. 

More soon.