All Hail The Fades

This one came out of nowhere, didn't it? Oh, sure, we all like the BBC and the oddball collection of cooler-than-our television series. (Luther being a recent favorite). Still, I didn't see The Fades coming and that's something of a surprise given the content. Ghosts. Zombies. End of the world. Superheroes. Pop culture references up the wazoo. Hell, it's everything a genre junkie could want and--here's the kicker--it's really good. Good story, good characters, good pacing, good...well, just about everything. And it's unpredictable, which is a bonus. Maybe it's the British take no prisoners approach to television that makes it so refreshing, but I like it.

The teaser above is a bit cheeky in the narration, but it's honest. (The show is genuinely funny.) There are plenty of videos on the official site, but I'd recommend seeing it as cold as possible. Why ruin the surprise(s)?