Welcome to the Zombie Clambake


Welcome to my corner of the online universe. Who am I? My name is Rob. I’m a writer of books and assorted seafood recipes. Mostly books these days. In October my first novel will be published by St. Martin’s Press. It's called Portlandtown. There are zombies in it, although it's not strictly speaking a “zombie novel.” I’d call it a supernatural horror adventure...or something like that. Don’t tell me editor. 

Being the observant reader you no doubt noticed that the name of this blog is "Zombie Clambake." True. I never said I didn't like zombies. I love the silly bastards. This is my place to write about zombies, monsters, books about zombies and monsters, and whatever else comes to mind. Fun stuff.

Hang around if you like. Eventually, I might think of something clever to say (it could happen). There'll be some cool things to come, I promise. A little of this (zombie interviews), a little of that (zombie sports), some of those other things (recipes)...you know the drill.

Thanks for stopping by.