Classic Monster Mash-up

Okay, I've been thinking about monsters lately, the classics, AKA The Universal Monsters: Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and Dr. Frankenstein's creature. A nice bunch (hence the "classic" moniker). But not exactly a relevant gang today, at least not without some revisions.

So...vampire, yes, Dracula, no. Sexy Vamp is probably the best answer. If you want to attach a name, be my guest. I'd got with Eric Northman over any of the sparkly vamps, but then I'm not 13. Or a girl. Anyway, pretty boy vamp is in, as is wolfy--moody, sensitive, nature-lovin' wolf. Sigh. Okay.

Now, there have been a few Mummy movies in recent(ish) years, but the mummy wasn't particularly memorable. Not a problem. Zombie is the new Mummy. Makes sense, right? Resurrected dead guy, curse, black magic, plagues, hygiene issues, gonna getcha...sounds good. (You knew there was gonna be a zombie here, right?)

That just leaves Frank. Hmmm...that's a tricky one. But I have suggestion: Wikus from District 9, specifically after he's transformed into a prawn. That's close, right? I know, I could just stick in an alien or predator, but there's something about Wikus that just seems to fit. (How about that sequel, boys? Hello? Pete? Neil?)

That's my take anyway. Now, somebody get on that Abbot & Costello Meet the Zombie reboot.