Portlandtown...in the Wild

Today my first novel hit stores. You probably know this. If you bought a copy, thanks! You are awesome. If you're thinking about buying a copy, you are awesome, too. Just want to make that clear.

I went shopping myself this afternoon, just to see the real thing on a shelf...in the wild, as it were. Wyldes in the wild. Har har. I found a few, first at the Beaverton Powell's (I'll try the big boy downtown later), and then at a Barnes & Noble outlet near Washington Square. 4 copies. In General Fiction. Stephen King was there, too, so I guess it's okay.

Funny thing, though...the B&N was closing. Half empty. Nothing but bargain bins, Nook salesmen, and stacks and stacks of 50 Shades of Grey. Oh, and 4 copies of Portlandtown. Huh. A dying store. Zombie Barnes & Noble. Go figure.

As I was leaving I slid a couple copies of my book onto the table next to the Nook guys. They seemed chipper, eager. Somehow I didn't punch them.

BTW, Portlandtown is available everywhere, including as an ebook.