Not So Dead After All

Has to be said: two episodes into season three The Walking Dead is as good as it's ever been and just might be the best show on television*. Hard to believe I just wrote that. After last season's agonizingly slow start and, at best, watchable finish, I figured the best we could hope for was more of the watchable episodes. Instead we get gritty, gutsy, gutty, gruesome, and, above all else, smart television. Amazing. Even more amazing? Carl is no longer annoying and I almost feel sorry for Lori. (I said "almost". I was still rooting for Herschel to give her the kiss of death.) Call it a Ricktatorship if you must, but definitely count me in. Congrats to all involved.

Oh, yeah...don't screw it up.

*Note I said "on" as in "on right now." Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Justified are not currently on. And the "might" refers to Sons of Anarchy, which has been better longer. If Walking Dead holds strong all season, we'll see. What about Homeland? Meh.