Everybody's Learnin' How...

See, what did I tell you? It only took a month for another post to appear. Amazing. Must be divine inspiration. Or guilt. Massive, unrelenting, writer's guilt brought on by my lack of a personal connection with my legion of fans. Yes, all of you. All three of you. Bob, deedee, and Sue. Can't get much more personal than that!

(If I failed to mention you by name, Welcome #4! Your Team Rob Fan Club Starter Kit is in the mail.*)

But enough about you. This is my blog and you wouldn't be here if you weren't interested in me. Unless you were looking for undead Frankie and Annette, but what are the chances, really? Does sound like a winner, though, right? Seriously, why has no one done Malibu Surf Zombies? Think SoCal Shaun of the Dead. Oh, man, that's a winner. I know I said no more dead, but that's too good. Hang on...

Okay, there's a straight up surf rock band called Surf Zombies, so I guess we'll have to go with Zombie Clambake for the name. I can dig it. Of course, I do see the inevitable bikini-clad zombie coming into play. Can't say I ever really understood the sexy undead thing. Sexy ghost maybe, but rotting corpses and flesh wounds? No thanks.

Have I mentioned I'm not really a fan of hardcore horror? I know, I know. Born on Halloween, writes about dead things, worships Stephen King, doesn't like horror. Makes no sense. I guess I dig the scary and spooky stuff, just not the really violent, gory stuff. Unless there are zombies involved, which makes it all a bit silly.

Heh. Where was I? Talking about myself. Right. Progress report: Wyldes 2, writing; TV things (detective series, sitcom), waiting for a meeting and DOA, respectively; other written works, many, in progress. I did finally learn how to design and build websites. Seemed like a good skill to have. Expect a redesign any day now.

More interesting: I think I'm going to put up a few short stories in the near future. I've got a bunch, some even finished. Not enough for a collection, so I might as well share, right? Right.

Stay tuned.

*You realize it's not, but how cool would that be?