Zombie or Zoom-bie?

Time to pick a side. Coke or Pepsi? Edward or Jacob? Han shoots first or...please. But fast zombie versus slow zombie--there's a debate worth having. Are you a fan of the slow, stumbling, barely able to keep its head on straight slackjaw? Or do you get goosebumps dreaming of a sprint to the death with an unrelenting, tear you limb-from-limb hater on your tail?  Tough call. 
I like the slackers. There's just something about creeping, stumbling, uncoordinated death that I find appealing. Plus there's more opportunity to stand back and gaze at the slow motion deconstruction of society. What's a zombie story without a little social commentary? (Boring, that's what.)
Now, your average undead sprinter is all about action. Run! Now! Fast! Or you'll be gobbled up by surprisingly agile old Mrs. Blevins from down the street, she of the foul-smelling dentures. Nobody wants that. Sure, there's excitement, but chances are you'll be dead before the first reel ends. Social commentary is only for survivors, people. (In case you were wondering the slow zombies will get you too, just not before lunch.) 

So, what'll it be? Zombie or zoom-bie?