Children of the Corn Flakes, Bonus!!

(This is the sixth part of a 5-part series on cereal box mascots and the kids—and adults—who love them. Part I can be found here.)

The Worst Cereal Mascots of All Time 
Bonus time—hey, if someone is the best, there must be a worst.

5. Krusty the Clown (Krusty-Os and others) 
Krusty has endorsed several cereals, including Krusty-Os, which come with a “free jagged metal Krusty-O” in every box, and Chocolate Frosted Frosty Krusty Flakes, a brand that prides itself in having almost as much sugar as sugar. Krusty is a bad, bad man. (Fictional, you say? Quiet you!)

4. Mr. Wonderful (Mr. Wonderful Cereal) 
Trust me, he’s not. 

3. Buzz Bee (Honey Nut Cheerios) 
No one wants a bee buzzing around their breakfast cereal, certainly not one this happy. Here’s hoping that Nasonex hornet pumps him full of drugs so we can eat in peace.

2. L.C. Leprechaun (Lucky Charms) 
Hmmm…an annoying, culturally insensitive, mythological miser who refuses to share his cereal with anyone…what’s not to love? One word: Marbits. That’s what the geniuses at General Mills dubbed the bite-sized pieces of marshmallow originally added to Lucky Charms in 1963. Thanks for the cavities you little green bastard!

1. Robo-Squirrel (Honey Nut Clusters) 
Initially, General Mills went with a live action squirrel to pitch Honey Nut Clusters figuring that folks wouldn’t mind the idea of having to fend off a disease-ridden rodent just to eat a bowl of cereal. Things got even better when they outfitted the little bugger with armor, lasers, and surface-to-air missiles. Honey Nut Clusters—it’s an explosive part of a good breakfast! By the way, Honey Nut Clusters no longer contain nuts in the clusters. Check the ingredient list; there’s “natural almond flavoring,” but no actual nuts. This is what happens when you put an armored squirrel in charge of sales.